"I am a vegetarian young professional who gained twenty pounds after college and just couldn’t shift it. It was impacting my mood, self-confidence, energy, skin and all of the things that bother most of us with too much weight. I had previously lost a bit by focusing on fitness with a personal trainer, but it was short-lived because I wasn’t able to stick with healthy changes in other areas of my life. I realized I needed a ‘personal trainer’ for a healthy lifestyle to make a lasting change. Cheryl is just that and more – she was a true coach who listened to my unique goals and circumstances, accounted for my (vegetarian) preferences, and problem-solved challenges along the way – even when the challenge was me! She has seen and heard it all over a long career. I was constantly surprised at how quickly she was able to identify my internal/emotional/stress struggles and help me overcome them with creative solutions that have worked for other clients. She is well-connected with the community and small-businesses in the wellness field, which proved to be a huge resource for me in finding the best food, fitness and self-care for me. In five months, I lost those twenty pounds and I gained lifestyle habits that will keep me consistently healthy, fit, happier, and less stressed. If you have any doubt about making this investment in yourself, don’t. Cheryl will help you succeed and make you feel good about yourself along the way. Cheryl is the best!" Julia S. 4-10-14

"My combination of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, bad genes, and questionable eating habits has led me to a life long tendency to be overweight. After the birth of my third child, I gained weight instead of losing it, despite exercising regularly and eating, I thought, not too badly. I was told by one of my doctors that “People like you [with PCOS] have to eat 800 calories a day and exercise twice as much as you do, for the rest of their lives, in order to lose weight and keep it off.” I found that prospect so discouraging, and so impossible, that for years I pretty much gave up on ever being able to lose weight.

Then my primary care physician referred me to Cheryl. At my request, we took the gradual approach, revamping breakfast first, then lunch and dinner, then snacks. Cheryl showed me how to eat in a way that is healthy and sustainable–not at all like being on a “diet.” I began to lose weight immediately, and was thrilled to find that, once I had learned new habits, my improved way of eating replaced the old one fairly easily. I have lost 91 pounds (and eight clothing sizes!) over the past 16 months, and my goal is now well within reach. At about-to-be 60 years old, I am exercising more, my blood pressure is dramatically lower, my resting pulse is in the 60s, and I have no doubt that when I have my physical in a couple of weeks, my cholesterol numbers will be much better as well.

If you have PCOS and have not been able to lose weight, Cheryl has the answers you need."

Ann C. , Alexandria
October 2011

"When I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and hypoglycemia in the winter of 2010, my physician recommended that I see a nutritionist. I knew that eating right and exercising were the solutions and that a nutritionist would put me on that path. However, little did I know that a random internet search and a phone call to Cheryl would do so much more than that. In a phrase she saved my life but more specifically she made me a better wife, a better mother and overall a better person. Through her insightful coaching she taught me that nutrition is one piece in a much bigger puzzle, that the physical is so intertwined with the mental, emotional and spiritual that one cannot be fixed without working on the others. Not only am I physically in better shape but I also smile and laugh more and have correctly prioritized my life putting myself, my husband and my two beautiful girls first. Before I became pregnant in the spring of 2010, I had lost 25 pounds with her help. Then after I gave birth to Katy I returned to Cheryl and lost 35 pounds bringing me back to my prepregnancy weight. More importantly though I lost not only pounds but also my cynicism, depression and dependency on toxic relationships, all of which stood in the way of having a healthy life. Because of Cheryl I have faced my alcoholism and been sober for two years this April, become an avid runner and enjoy life even when my two girls are having the roughest of days. Cheryl taught me to see the positive in everyday, even if that positive is having 5 minutes to myself in the shower. My family, especially my husband, continually remark on the change and all of us are eternally grateful to Cheryl for showing us how beautiful life can be when you live a healthful and happy life. She is a true gift. "
Krista G.
February 2012

Testimonial Email Update from Krista July 2012 Subject Line: Great News!

" I just got back from the doctor and received amazing blood work results! I haven't had my blood tested since right before seeing you and here's what the results showed:

I dropped my cholesterol from 189 to 141 (and my ratio was excellent)

My glucose went from 94 to 83

Triglycerides went from 123 to 45

Everything else in normal range (including all my white blood cell counts on the low side showing low inflammation)

My doctor was so impressed she took down your name and information with hopes of sending some patients your way. Thank you again for all you did to get me here! As if I wasn't already a believer in wellness, this just made me even more dedicated!"


Dear Cheryl,

" I wanted to write this testimony to let you know how blessed I feel to have met you and how grateful I am for all of the things that you have done for me. Before you, I tried many times to lose weight, but failed. You made me see that the inside and the outside are connected. If I didn’t deal with those inside issues, I would never be able to successfully lose weight. With your help, I acknowledged and dealt with those issues. You gave me a much needed reality check about the things that I was putting into my body. I am extremely proud to say that, now, my diet mostly consists of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and less processed foods. You taught me that it isn’t about deprivation, but choosing healthier versions of those foods. Since I suffer from Hypothyroidism, you educated me about the disease and how it affects the body. With this disease, losing weight is extremely hard, but when you have knowledge of it, the impossible seems possible. Cheryl, you have seen me at some of my lowest moments. Every time, you would help me put things into perspective and give me strength to keep going. Because of your help, encouragement, and guidance, for the first time in my life, I love myself inside and out and I have hope for the future. No one has given me a greater gift. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, Cheryl. I wish you and yours all of God’s blessings."


footnote: Sandra has successfully lost over 40 lbs. and is below her goal weight.


"Thanks for your efforts to get me "on the right track". My eating habits are healthier, my weight is showing progress in the right direction and I am on a regular exercise schedule (4-5 times a week). I could not have accomplished this without your guidance. Also I am feeling more confident as I move toward retirement. While I have not specifically defined my next career challenge, your coaching on how to explore my options will be invaluable when I determine the time is right to move forward. Thank you for being so generous with your library. I look forward to your progress review with you in a few months. Thanks and all the best of luck."
Susan T.

" I am grateful for your integrity and for your gift to provide guidance from a spiritual point-of-view. I remember thinking at one of our early sessions, "This person is standing up for me, is providing a boundary for me, is loving me unconditionally, so that I can recognize these abilities in myself. I thank you for this from my open heart."


"I have been working with Cheryl Mirabella for three months and have found her guidance invaluable. Her approach is holistic, examining the many aspects of life which affect physical well-being. Although I went into this program simply expecting advice about providing more healthful foods for myself and my family, I have been amazed at the breadth and depth of Cheryl's guidance.

With Cheryl's guidance, we have examined not only what I eat, but how and why I eat. This approach has allowed me to begin making lifelong changes in my diet. Rather than prescribe what I should and should not eat, Cheryl has helped me pay attention to how food affects my body and how I feel before, during and after I eat. In addition, we have examined the emotions which have led me to use food as a crutch, rather than a nourishing experience. I have gained invaluable insight into my professional life, my relationships with others and my own thought processes, which has begun to liberate me from my lifelong obsession with food.

For the first time in 40 years, I am beginning to feel I have control over my eating habits because Cheryl has helped me see the relationship between food and other areas of my life. With Cheryl's expertise, I have embarked on a positive cycle of eating well, exercising and listening to my own body's needs. I have not only increased my energy level and the variety of healthy foods I eat, but I have begun to free myself from the emotional attachment with food that has controlled much of my life."
Shari B

I have been working with Cheryl for a couple of years and attribute my 50 pound weight loss to Cheryl’s skilled coaching, her in-depth knowledge of nutrition and weight loss, and her overall marvelousness. When I met Cheryl I was a classic yo-yo dieter. I lost weight but always gained it back …and then some. I didn’t exercise regularly. I didn’t have any energy. The only vegetable I liked was broccoli smothered in garlic sauce from my local Chinese restaurant. I worked long hours and felt I didn’t have time for lunch. I ate most of my “meals” from the vending machine at the office. I told myself that was o.k. because I wasn’t eating an enormous amount of calories and after all, peanut M&Ms and Snickers candy bars did have nuts – a “healthy fat”. I was fed up with struggling to permanently lose weight. I wanted to change for the rest of my life how I ate but I didn’t have the tools, information, or energy to make a lasting change.

Cheryl started from where I was and gradually added healthy behaviors into my day. I just took my time and worked with Cheryl to let the behavior changes sink in. I began to see the impact food choices had on my moods and stress level. I began to learn how to cook meals that were really tasty and healthy. I learned how to address cravings without eating empty calories. Whenever I hit a plateau or came up with a reason why I couldn’t do “something healthy” Cheryl had other options for me to consider. Now I have more energy and the tools to maintain a healthier lifestyle. I thought with Cheryl’s coaching I would find out about weight loss and nutrition but I’ve found so much more. I found out who I am, how to create more joy in my life, and the power that comes from exercising. This time I know the weight won’t come back because I’ve transformed how I look at my body and food and that is a wonderful feeling! When I started with Cheryl I wavered whether I should spend this much money “on losing weight”, but now I realize, without a doubt, that Cheryl was the best investment I’ve ever made! My family thinks so too. Brigid

"Cheryl's holistic approach to nutrition taught me about myself, my relationships, my relationship with food and just about every other aspect of my life.
Cheryl taught me how to eat to live, not live to eat!
Every time I am in the grocery store or attempt a new recipe and think to myself, how can I make this a better choice without sacrificing taste? I owe that frame of thinking to Cheryl.
Cheryl has taught me that I don't have to sacrifice taste to eat tasty foods.
Cheryl is one of those people who I wish I could just be around all the time. She not only made me aware of my relationship to food but has introduced me to a whole new perspective of looking at all relationships in my life."

"Before working with Cheryl, I had tried almost everything to lose weight to no avail. Cheryl worked with me to devise a program to best meet my needs. I have since lost weight and am feeling much more energized. I used to get frequent migraines but these have decreased significantly since starting my program with Cheryl. Cheryl has also been extremely supportive in other aspects of my life such as my career and in finding activities that enrich my life. She even went so far as to walk 8 miles with me to help me in training for the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. I really appreciate her open mindedness and her support. "
Wendy D

Dear Cheryl,

"I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you did for me over the past six months. At a time when I was struggling with the deaths of my parents, menopause, self esteem shortfalls, and general sleep and nutritional malaise, you supported me in every imaginable way. As someone who thought she would never find a way to eat healthy food, you offered all
sorts of simple and satisfying ways for me to achieve it. I ended our program by having surprised myself on almost a weekly basis, with how easily I had learned to open myself to happiness and explore a more-healthy and enriching meal plan. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you have helped me change my life for the better. And the best part about it is that I feel the changes are all ones that I will be able to continue with as long
as they are serving me well.

I thoroughly enjoyed our time together, and the suggestions, readings, and exercises we explored together. I got more than I ever hoped I could out of our sessions, and that was very high expectations ! I would whole-heartedly recommend you to anyone who is seeking to achieve balance in one's life, be it emotional, physical, professional or nutritional. I am so grateful that I was lucky enough to find out about your program and be was able to to take advantage of your holistic talents!"
Warm regards,
L. Stevens

"When I first sought Cheryl's advice, I had not felt great for a couple of years. I had no major health issue but was experiencing 4-5 colds per year which would last 2 weeks each. I also had chronic hives and various chronic joint problems. I never imagined that nutrition had anything to do with what I thought were just signs of aging.

Cheryl had me track my eating for two weeks and then explained that I was taking in too much dairy, processed sugar and caffeine. Since I'm not one for moderation, I stopped all three.

Concurrently, I sought the help of a personal trainer. I worked with him and Cheryl for about three months.

Now, one year later, I am still exercising 3-4 times each week. I have stayed off the dairy, processed sugar (although I do allow myself 1 good dessert a week) and caffeine. I feel better than I have in 20 years.

My hives are gone, my joints are stronger, I'm fit and I haven't had a cold (or any illness) in 12 months.

Cheryl taught me to balance my diet with the nutrients that my body needs. I eat 7-10 servings of fruits/vegetables each day and I eat mostly fish and chicken as meat sources. I eliminated all hydrogenated oil from my diet and
seek out organic and natural foods almost exclusively.

Cheryl is great at evaluating your own personal situation and then helping you to learn about your nutrition and to design a plan that works for you. I may get hit by a bus tomorrow but I'll sure be healthy, thanks to Cheryl."

Ron Culberson
Recovering sugar addict!

"Have you ever been at a point in your life where you felt helpless, out of control and incredibly unhappy? Last Spring, that was me. I was extremely overweight, and after trying every diet around, I felt like nothing would ever work and that being overweight was my “life sentence.” Work had completely taken over my life, and my family was suffering. I felt I was a failure at being a mom and a wife – and I had no energy to take care of the things I needed to take care of. At the same time, I felt I was “handling everything” at work, but the reality was that work was handling me and stress had taken a huge toll on my health and most of all my happiness.

Over the past months, working with Cheryl Mirabella, I have come to realize many things about myself. First was that while I was going through the motions of life, I was not really living the life I wanted to live. I learned that there is no need to “go on a diet” – in fact, it was not until I gave up on that idea and just started incorporating healthy food into my everyday life that I started to have success.

The first step for me was getting a good night sleep. I went from sleeping 4-5 hours a night to getting a minimum of 7 hours of sleep. The first week was difficult, I had to force myself to stop running around and relax and go to bed. But now, going to bed by 10pm each night is just part of the routine. This allows me enough rest to get up at 5:30am and exercise before work. After eating a healthy breakfast (love those steel cut oats and blueberries!), I am energized and ready to face my day. I have also learned to plan my meals in advance and have healthy food choices ready to go.

The most important lesson I have learned on this journey is to put myself at the top of my priority list. At first this concept was foreign to me – it felt like I was being selfish and uncaring. With Cheryl’s coaching, I am learning that when I am healthy and happy and my life is in balance, I am able to be a better mother, wife, and career woman. I have a very demanding, high stress job, and while the workload has not changed, my approach to it has – I have learned the “power of pause” – just stop, listen and give myself time to respond in a way that works for me, and not to agree to do everything right away. I am better at saying “no” and I am prepared to handle things like working late or traveling for my job.

None of this happened overnight. In fact, there were many months when I did not lose a pound, but working slowly and with Cheryl’s caring guidance, changing one thing at a time, learning not to beat myself up when everything does not go as planned (at that is a lot of the time!), I am beginning to reclaim my life. The weight has started to come off, and more importantly I am a happier, more confident person. I am truly grateful to have a supportive family, a great group of friends, and an incredible coach in Cheryl Mirabella who continues to guide me on this amazing life journey. Less than a year ago I did not believe any of this was possible, I now know I will reach my goals – my weight goals, and my life goals!"

Maria A. Ferrante
Senior Director, Training and Development
Editorial Director, PMT magazine

March 8, 2012

Dear Cheryl,

I am sending you this note to thank you for the fine visit my daughter Mary and I experienced with you a few weeks back. What a pleasure it was to witness such a comprehensive approach to the nutrition of the adolescent. I appreciate the attention you gave to “meeting Mary where she was at” with her own knowledge of her nutritional needs and how she sees herself meeting those needs. Without any resistance from Mary she tried food that I have been unsuccessful in having her try at home. I think this is a testimony of her trust in you and therefore her willingness to accept suggestions from you. And, you made the experience fun too!

The following week Mary announced to me that she wanted to be the “go to” person for nutrition. I have seen a significant change in her eating behaviors. She packs her lunch every morning with an array of colors and textures; fruits, fibers, and proteins- thanks to your suggestion of “visualizing a color pallet” when putting together a meal. She loves color, this was a perfect visual for her.

 It was a fun visit. Your creative, animated self really caught Mary’s attention.

Thanks so much!

With sincere appreciation and gratitude,


Cynthia A. Leaver, RN, PhD, FNP-BC

Bravewell Fellow, Post Doctoral Research Fellow


Corporate Presentation Testimonials

"Cheryl did a fantastic job today; she is very gifted and we are very lucky to have her as a facilitator and trainer. Many, many thanks. "
DEA, EAP Office
January 20, 2015

September 14, 2012

Dear Ms. Mirabella,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of thanks to you for providing your time, expertise and exceptional seminar for the Customs and Border Protection/Office of Information and Technology Employees in Springfield, VA on Wednesday September 12, 2012. Your presentation on “Stress Management” was very informative and enlightening for the persons who attended. You discussed stress signals and how it affects the body as well as strategy techniques for managing stress when it occurs. You also demonstrated and took us through a couple relaxation exercises that can help reduce stress and tension. In addition, you clarified the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices and in turn improving specific health conditions, longevity and quality of life. You were fantastic! Many of the CBP employees in attendance have taken his/her time to share with me their comments on how they really enjoyed your presentation along with your pleasant and encouraging attitude. On behalf of all who attended, I would also like to thank you for letting me provide handouts and a copy of your PowerPoint Presentation. It is greatly appreciated and has been a huge help to me, and I’m sure it has been for the other class participants.

Again, thank you for your time and support in making our place of business a healthier environment. Events such as these seminars are only successful because of individuals like you. I look forward to working with you on future projects and health and wellness programs.


Craig M. Kenner

Health and Fitness Specialist

U.S. Customs and Border Protection
Office of Information and Technology
Workforce Management Group
National Data Center
7501 Boston Blvd. / ATTN: BLM Cube #2
Springfield, VA 22153
(571) 468-4469 desk
(571) 468-4404- fax

Hi Cheryl, It is jubilation at Winston. They loved you! Here is what the HR Manager had to say:

"I wanted to tell you how absolutely pleased we were with Cheryl Mirabella's session today. She was awesome! Knowledgeable, poised, friendly, interactive - you name it, she had it. She was by far one the best speakers we've had here, and we'd love to have her again in the future."

Training Director, The Law Firm of Winston –Strawn

"Cheryl facilitated an 8-week nutrition and fitness course for a group of 20 employees for us this year and we received rave reviews. What we love best about her is the personal attention she was able to give--encouraging each person to contact her directly to go over their food journals/nutrition plans or to ask questions they were too embarrassed to ask in a group setting. In general, Cheryl gave clear and concise presentations with lots of examples (and even food samples!) to support what she was covering that day. And the topics ran the gamut from 'super foods' to ways meditation can help relieve stress and reduce unhealthy eating. The material she presented was current and relevant to the demographic of the group--which were late twenties/early thirties, fairly fit and savvy about nutrition already coming into the program. Cheryl managed to provide more advanced nutrition and fitness facts and tips that got everyone's attention. Highest recommendation." --Valerie, Benefits Manager

Dear Cheryl,

Many thanks to you for coming to our Women with Heart Disease Support Network meeting. Your presentation was wonderful and just what we were looking for. Everyone was very comfortable sharing thoughts and experiences. Our members were learning new skills as well as interacting and discussing among each other. Your presentation was focused on techniques which were just right for our specific challenges resulting from our heart disease diagnosis.

Life balance is hard enough for a healthy person to attain. We truly appreciate the valuable time you spent getting to know each of us and encouraging us in our journey to thrive.

Stay well,
WomenHeart Network Coordinator

The wellness series presented by Living Whole Health was one of the best attended programs, and most highly regarded by both participants and management alike, which we have ever run at the Embassy.

The program dispelled a lot of myths and provided the motivation, resources and tools for participants to make real changes in their health and well-being.

The knowledge, approachability and communication style of the presenters was excellent and participants particularly appreciated the ability of the presenters to tailor the program and provide hints to meet their specific individual needs.

Larissa Jolly
Human Resources Manager, Policy & Programs
Embassy of Australia

Hi Cheryl,

I love to share great experiences and having you conduct our Wellness Workshops was certainly a great experience. The continued participation by our staff was terrific. Everyone loved how you presented truly useful information in such a positive way. Some of the most frequent comments were:
o “Cheryl gives us practical, doable ideas.”
o “She does not expect us to change our lives overnight.”
o “She taught that we can make great strides through small but meaningful changes.”

You really taught us that we must take care of ourselves and that it is a good thing to do so!
I am definitely looking forward to new programs in the spring! “

Katie B.
HR Manager/ PMMI, International

Cheryl’s courses have been very well received by employees of The Motley Fool. Everyone who has participated has loved the classes and I think everyone has taken at least a few things away from them that have become part of their everyday lives. She had people who were afraid of their kitchens cooking their own healthy meals, those who were lacking the motivation to exercise participating in a company-sponsored outdoor conditioning program and I think that all of us our eating Steel Cut Oats for breakfast and boosting our metabolisms by 25%!

Her teaching style is very conversational. I think that participants really feel like they can open up to her in the class and she’ll research any question that she doesn’t immediately have the answer to and respond back to the group. The binders that she creates for the participants are a great addition/reference and I found the tour of Whole Foods much more informative and helpful than I had expected.
Great courses!

Angelique K.
HR Manager, The Motley Fool

Mirabella & Associates Nutrition & Wellness Program has been a wonderful addition to our Learning Program. We have always provided training on everyday skill development and ways to relieve life's stress', but when we incorporated the nutrition & wellness series, our employees could see how nutrition affected our day-to-day functions and productivity. Great program!!

Eunice Deras
Nuclear Energy Institute

Hi Cheryl,

Your presentation was fabulous! Your platform skills are so natural, and you are able to share information in a most comfortable manner. I also really like how you put the participants at ease and impart valuable knowledge at the same time.

Thank you again for a wonderful workshop, for the cool door prize (which I’m sure the winner will enjoy tremendously), and your generous donation to the raffle. Please contact me any time if I can be of assistance in any way.

Marta Wilson
Director of Programs
Capitol Express Network

Cheryl and her company, Living Whole Health, have conducted wellness workshops for us each month in 2005. We have a core group of participants who have really taken her information to heart. After each session, they are eager to apply their newly gained knowledge and to share their successes or challenges. The workshops are always well organized, have plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion, and include great handouts and recipes. Our employees find the presenters inspiring, encouraging, informative, and just awesome! Our group looks forward each month to the next topic!

Cindy Marzullo
Director of Training
State Department Federal Credit Union

Wellness Workshops Attendees had to say:

"Great program, I have already started taking better care of my health"

"I will apply everything I learned today, starting now."

"The presenter was energetic, passionate and very knowledgeable about the subject"

"I have signed up for all the programs"

"Informative but not overwhelming"

"Engaging and interesting A+"

"She is a very good instructor she makes it seem so easy to do"

"She is very clear and loves your input"

"She was very relaxed, and knowledgeable and inspired me to get back on focus to a healthier lifestyle"

This workshop was a "5" star. Cheryl's style of teaching is very descriptive, receptive and educational. The class was wonderful thankful that she gave websites and offered her email for questions and recipes.

Cheryl's style of teaching is very informative, interactive and she is well experienced.

Cheryl is warm and welcoming. She gives a realistic view on incorporating this into life, making it okay to have "pitfall days" but can still stay on track to better wellness.

Cheryl's style of teaching is informative, numerous concepts very clearly expressed and easily understood.

She is real, down-to-earth , not preachy, real life.

Fun, informative,not boring at all, it inspired me. Love the "crowd it out" quote.

Enjoyed the class. Relaxed easy to understand. The handouts are very helpful to follow along and take notes. Look forward to next class.

It was excellent, her style is very informative and she uses the experiences of the group in her discussion

Cheryl's style of teaching is dynamic, engaging, informative. Great presenter would quickly take other programs led by Cheryl.

Outstanding-one of the very best I have learned from. Excellent

Girls Empowered Workshop Testimonials

A volunteer workshop offered to teen girls in DC Metro area

We made smoothies. We learned about whole grains, and we learned that fruits make you look younger. -- Jordan , 11

We got to make lunch and smoothies. I want to do it again. I was a grain. My stomach was glad to have healthy food. -- Armani , 11 1/2

Eat healthy foods and we made smoothies and learned about grains and we exercised and had fun. -- Briana , 11

I would tell people that I learned many new things. I would tell them that many of the foods that we eat are unhealthy for us. I would tell them that they need to eat more vegetables, fruits, whole grains and protein. I would tell them that they need to get more active and go outside more. -- Shakiyla , 17

Today was fun. The best part was making the poster. We learned about grains and it was fun. We also learned how to eat right. --Tenena , 12

I want to do this again so much. I had so much fun. The counselors were very very nice. They are like my best friends. I made friends with the girls and they are really exciting and interesting. Armani was definitely cool. It's like she's my sister. Tenena was a very interesting person. She reminds me of my mom because my mom is loud, funny and wild like her. Thank you for creating this program. Now I know how to manage myself and the right things to eat. -- Diamond T, 12 1/2

7 Day Clean Eating Cleanse

I have to tell you, the cleanse has practically changed my life (not to sound over-dramatic or anything). First of all, I'm still eating mostly veggies and feel a wonderful change in my overall eating AND drinking (in regard to caffeine, alcohol and sugar drinks). I've discovered veggie sandwiches to die for!!!! Rick also loves them. I've dropped about 7 pounds and feel that I'm at my ideal weight, and in general, just feel really really good. Please keep me on your distribution lists for everything....

Mary Ann

Hi Cheryl,

Thank you very much for taking this week to help us out!! I jotted down a few things.

Benefits of the cleanse:
-Mental: I feel mentally alert at night, even coming home at 9 PM to pay bills and organize paperwork!
-Physical: Lost 2 pounds this week, and my blood sugar levels dropped 70 points. I have more energy!.......... I exercise every day at the gym and have energy for that, too!..........It used to be that just before it rained, my joints ached very badly. The last week, with the weather in Central Virginia so sporadic, my joints have not ached at all. No arthritis symptoms, which I had badly on January 15, the day before I started meeting with Cheryl.
-Spiritual: Feel happy and content. I positively GLOW.
-Social: People are asking me if I am "alright." I have lost 10 pounds since meeting with Cheryl (before the clease), and it is starting to show. Food is quick to prepare, so I have more time for more important things, like exercise, and misc. projects.
-Financial: Save money on groceries when it's only veggies!

Thank you! Cheryl V.

Hi Cheryl,

I want to thank you for all the wonderful information you

shared with us durning the cleanse. This was the first time

I've ever done anything like this so I was a little

unsure of how I was going to like it. I realize I'm a

big sugar addict, which, thanks to the cleanse, I'm

improving on! Over the last week and a half, I've tried

to continue being mindful of what I'm eating and how

I'll feel after eating it. Since beginning the cleanse,

I definetly feel healthier, with more energy.

Thank you!


Thanks for a great week. I am a major sugar addict and this really helped get me back on track. (I make my office cohorts hide chocolate from me – sad, huh) I generally try to eat as a close to vegan as a I can but have a major problem with the sugar. I have also gone through periods where I tried to eat more gluten free and then fall off track. The cleanse – which has me feeling much better – and the exchange of information has given me a new heightened awareness and incentive to “keep on keeping on” to continue feeling better and healthy! Thanks again. I will definitely participate in the next cleanse.


Hi all - I am so thankful that Laura brought me into this cleanse as "her cook"! I have discovered many things about my eating that needed to change. Primarily, I'm pleased with myself that although birthday cake (for my 4 yr old son) has been in my cupboard since Monday (day 1 for me), I have had none of it, and I'm ok with it. Also, after just completing today's cardio workout, I was feeling very hungry. I had a half-cup of cooked-from-dry garbanzo beans left over in the fridge, so I sit here writing and enjoying those. Read that again...I am ENJOYING eating plain, nothing-on-'em garbanzo beans. Wow. Something incredible has happened to me. And it's trickling down to my two little guys. When son #2 woke up from nap asking for a snack, instead of a bread & butter snack I would usually give him (albeit homemade, 100% whole wheat healthy bread), instead I gave him a skewer loaded with cooled steamed broccoli alternated with green grapes. He had to eat each broccoli to eat the next grape. Guess who asked for seconds?

Our meals are definately going to take a much more veggie-based and veggie-full, rather than starch laden, direction starting now. :) I like this feeling of lightness and energy!


Thanks for a great week! I have done the cleanse several times and find that it helps to learn what foods are filling. A salad with some protein in it can be a great meal for me and without it I am still hungry. I tried a salad at Sweet Greens last night and left hungry so I had a few raw almonds and was fine for the evening. I am always less hungry when on the cleanse than when eating foods that are less healthy.

I learn new things every time and look forward to the next cleanse.
Diane W.

Hi Cheryl and group,

Just wanted to share that this has really been a good experience for me this week. I've enjoyed the fresh food, I've enjoyed cooking, something I used to do so much of and no longer do because of the recent pace of life. Fortunately, I am just transitioning into a different work schedule so have had some time to slow down and relax throughout the week. Yesterday I was sitting at home drinking a cup of tea and reading after having done some cooking and found myself thinking 'boy do I miss this kind of time, being able to relax in my home without an overbooked agenda to attend to.'

Cheryl, thank you for your support. I'm so glad to have the wheat belly article as I often talk with my clients about gluten and it will be a helpful resource. I plan to continue trying to eat vegan more than I have in the past. While I enjoy meat, and worry about getting enough protein given my age, I've realized that I can get what I need with beans. I also cooked beans from dry this week, something I hadn't done for years and they were wonderful and CHEAP!

To all of you who have been sharing, I've appreciate being able to hear about your experiences and feel the support of a group. I too have found that I have had a decrease in appetite, that I've found myself more easily satisfied throughout the day. I've had no sugar cravings. Interestingly, last night I made the Beet and Fennel Salad which was delicious. I ate more than I should have as I was enjoying it. Today was the only day I woke up feeling really sluggish so I'm wondering if the sugar contents with the beets and the balsamic vinegar was the culprit. I will make the salad again, however, I will eat a smaller portion!

My best to all,


This has been a great week for me! As a stay at home mom, weekends are hectic. After listening to the call Friday night, when I was reminded to slow down and be mindful, I decided to delay my start to Monday. That way, I could start at a quieter pace. So I still have the weekend ahead to contend with! We have a planned dinner out, which could present a challenge, but hopefully I'm up to the task.

I have to say you were right, Cheryl, when you take away sugar from your diet, you really do taste the sweetness of vegetables! I made the Veggie Bake recipe, and I actually checked the label on the can of organic tomatoes to make sure they didn't contain added sugar.

Thanks for providing an excellent springboard into better habits. I still found myself eating standing up once or twice--but at least I was making healthy choices, and chewing my food slowly and thoroughly!


Wellness Weekend Participants

"I really enjoyed the weekend - the professionalism of the hosts and the camaraderie of the guests. I found the time to be very collegial and rejuvenating. I would definitely come back for another round. I thought the weekend was totally successful. And I have told all my friends and relatives what a great time it was; I raved about the food; I expounded on the "ideal picture"; and I told them the yoga instructor was first rate."

"Hi Cheryl. I got what I wanted out of the weekend: quiet, relaxation, rest, reflection, and I left with a sense of renewed wellness. I learned how to do Ideal Scenes and am looking forward to incorporating those into my goals. And it also got me excited about yoga again and wanting to keep that up on a more regular basis. It was a great time to get away from the noise of daily life and just be. Thanks for everything."

Cooking Class Clients

I’ve had the pleasure of attending/participating in several of Cheryl + Lanette’s healthful cooking classes. It’s always a fun, informative, and very tasty evening. Lots of useful ideas and practical suggestions – even for someone like me who already tends to cook fairly healthfully and adventurously. These cooking classes are time and money well spent. A great big gustatory Brava to Cheryl + Lynette for showing us all how to make “good” eating really “good eating”!
Andree Dumermuth/Madison

My husband and I attended one of Cheryl and Lanette's classes and loved it. It was a great way to spend time together as a couple and learn some good cooking ideas. The warm atmosphere and enthusiastic teachers made us want to come back.
Nothing but sunshine and love,

Collard greens have never been so good and good for you! I'm a very picky fish eater.......I can't eat it if it tastes fishy or "wild" at all. I also don't feel very competent cooking fish and I don't want it to smell up the house. The Orange Roughy dish you made on the stove top was wonderful: quick, pleasantly aromatic, delicious, and healthy.

These aren't just cooking classes. They educate you about good nutrition and about alternative healthy foods and where to get them locally. Of course the recipes help tremendously to answer that question, "what am I going to fix tonight?"

I leave these classes feeling more educated and inspired about good health and nutrition; pampered because the ambiance is pleasant, the food is divine, and the people are delightful; and always wanting to register for another class in the future.
Mary Ann Rametta

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