A 10 Day Mindfulness Course


Would you like to enjoy the vast and amazing benefits of mindful meditation yet don't know where or how to start or perhaps re-start?

Let's connect into our natural rhythm and be renewed with spring's vital energy. When we are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or in constant fear it is difficult to function well even more difficult to create the life and health we desire.

This 10 day course you will learn the basics of mindfulness and meditation and learn how this practice can help you feel calmer, more focused and less caught up in the constant stream of thinking and worry. We will explore how to be more at peace with what comes up in our daily lives through the practice of acceptance self-kindness and gratitude. We will learn how to bring mindfulness into everyday life whether at work or at home. You will learn the pioneering neuroscience behind these techniques well documented over the past many years.

You will come to understand that meditation and mindfulness can actually re-wire your brain in very positive ways to better handle stress and overall be more resilient.

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This class may be for you if....  


  • You have been wanting to start a practice ...but it just feels to hard.
  • You know meditation is beneficial to your mind and body but you just are not sure you are doing it the right way.
  • You are exhausted , burnt out and your anxiety is getting the best of you.
  • You "had" a practice but you have gotten away from it, and you would love support getting back on track.
  • You are a bit of " a science meets spirituality geek" like me and love to understand the brain science behind meditation and all the health benefits.

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