Corporate -Wellness Classes/ Workshops

All Wellness Classes are currently Virtual for the time being.

A Suggested Series:

Eating for Energy!
Eat More Weigh Less: 5 Simple Steps to Weight Loss/Management
Superfoods Rx: Slow the Aging Process and Prevent 70% of Disease Processes
Food as Medicine for a Healthy Heart (February is Heart Health Month)
Quick and Healthy Meals on a Busy Schedule!
Stress Management Techniques!

Corporate Wellness Programs

Below are descriptions of my most popular classes . Each class runs from 60-90 minutes or in a half day format. They are considered stand-alone in terms of content or as part of a Wellness Series. Class size is unlimited for these workshops. If you do not see a topic you had in mind just ask ! Email for a class description on any of these classes below.

The “Balanced” Approach to Managing Stress: The Wheel of Life *
Sugar Blues: Conquering Your Sweet Cravings
The Food and Mood Connection
Preparing Quick and Healthy Meals on a Working Schedule
Tips for Getting MORE Energy Today! (Most Popular)
Healthy Eating on the Run
“No Right Diet”: De-Mystifying the Conflicting Confusing Dietary Information
Stress Management for Health
Super Foods RX: For Everyday Health and Disease Prevention
Whole Foods Tour: Practical Tips for Healthy Shopping
Managing Cholesterol Through Diet
Healthy Weight Management without Dieting
Reduce Inflammation Now! The Cause of Many Diseases from Allergies to Heart Disease
Women’s Health Issues
Men’s Health Issues
Eating with the Seasons: Quarterly Class
Holistic Healing Options
Food as Medicine for a Healthy Heart
The ADHD/ADD Child and Diet
Healthy Eating Ideas for Kids
Feeding the Whole Family Healthy

Group Wellness Program

Wellness... For Life! Group Program (Max 15 per group)

This 12 week program, brought to you by Living Whole Health provides guidance for making appropriate lifestyle choices to reduce current health related issues and further risk of disease.

This group program is designed for men and women who want to jumpstart their healthy eating habits and lose a few pounds along the way. You will discover the pathways to health as we explore the psychology of eating while learning new strategies. We will help each other make healthy eating choices a habit that sticks ... for life!

Class One : What is Food?/Goal Setting/ De-Mystifying The Food Pyramid
Class Two : Eating for Energy, Productivity & Weight Management
Class Three : Quick and Healthy Meals on a Busy Schedule
Class Four : Whole Food Tour
Class Five : Superfoods Rx: Foods that Prevent Disease & Slow the Aging Process
Class Six : Wheel of Life: Nourishment & Balance/The Fun Factor

The classes will be highly interactive. Each class will have an interactive exercise or activity and a homework assignment will be assigned each class. Each class participants will receive a notebook and handouts, as well as a current book on nutrition. Participants meet every other week.

- Six one-hour group meetings (best spaced 2 weeks apart) time to integrate learning and experiment with changes
- 1 (30) minute individual coaching session
- A recipe collection, a cookbook and nutrition handouts
- Delicious healthy snacks to munch on
- Recommendation lists for books, cookbooks, and websites
- Unlimited email support
- Meditation/relaxation techniques
Lifetime subscription to the "Living Whole Health" e-newsletter

- Clear up confusion around nutrition and fad diets
- Learn to prepare fresh, healthy meals
- Prevent those late-afternoon energy crashes
- Find your 'inner chef' once again!
- Have more energy for and vitality, create more balance, de-stress

Individual Corporate Health Coaching

Health coaching is a wonderful way to give your employees a more focused approach to their personal health and wellness goals. By meeting with a health coach on a regular basis at the workplace actual goals can be set and achieved for optimal health, weather it be weight loss, or disease prevention or to simply create a more balanced life with less stress.

This work is about lifestyle changes, meeting individuals where they are and looking at all areas in their life that nourish and feed them and suggesting small steps to move them towards more optimal health and a more balanced life.

How Many, How Often?

Even one session can be of benefit to help an individual begin to bring attention to their level of health and wellness. In 3-4 sessions positive changes can be implemented and clients can begin to see results, as they feel better, have more energy and begin to feel more confident about the path they are on and new choices they are making.

In the work environment I would suggest a 30-minute meeting every two weeks we could stretch them out to once a month with email support in between sessions.

A recent testimonial:

"Cheryl facilitated an 8-week nutrition and fitness course for a group of 20 employees for us this year and we received rave reviews. What we love best about her is the personal attention she was able to give--encouraging each person to contact her directly to go over their food journals/nutrition plans or to ask questions they were too embarrassed to ask in a group setting. In general, Cheryl gave clear and concise presentations with lots of examples (and even food samples!) to support what she was covering that day. And the topics ran the gamut from 'super foods' to ways meditation can help relieve stress and reduce unhealthy eating. The material she presented was current and relevant to the demographic of the group--which were late twenties/early thirties, fairly fit and savvy about nutrition already coming into the program. Cheryl managed to provide more advanced nutrition and fitness facts and tips that got everyone's attention. Highest recommendation." --Valerie, Benefits Manager

Executive Wellness Coaching

Are you a busy executive or professional and find it challenging to maintain a healthy lifestyle? Would you enjoy the support of an experienced health coach to help you create a personalized program that works with your busy lifestyle. Cheryl offers offer bi-weekly meetings , via phone, skype or we come to your place of work. Lead by example, show your staff how taking care of your health and living a more balanced life creates a more productive and happy leader.

Our main goal is to help you increase your energy and vitality while at the same time learning and practicing effective and simple stress techniques. Busy executives like you are often working long days, or on the road or both. Cheryl will work with you to strategize how to make eating healthy on the run become your "new" way of life. Yes it can be done. Cheryl will look at you as a whole person and all the areas that effect your overall health and wellness. Call today to begin living your optimal wellness life!

Sessions include:

  • Eating healthy traveling and on the run
  • Stress Management techniques
  • Eating for Energy
  • Goal Setting & Self-Motivation and Visualization

Your program includes:

    • 12 sessions at the location of your choosing (phone consultations are available as well)
    • A healthy eating cookbook
    • unlimited email support and one 15 minute phone call between sessions
    • comprehensive notes of our sessions
    • Natural Foods Store Tour
    • Lunch at a healthy restaurant during one of our sessions together

Investment in self:

    • $1,620 (when you pay in full)
    • $150 per session

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