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Half Day Stress Reduction Class 4/13/19

Next 4-Week Stress Reduction Session Kicks Off on 3/24/15


Simply call 703-671-2700 or email [email protected] to sign up today!

Limited class size, beautiful space..come relax, and renew!

Now Scheduling 4 week Group Programs: $99.00 for (4 ) 90-minute sessions.
I can come to your office, your book club, your garden group. Gather 5-10 friends or collegues and schedule your 4 sessions today.
My office Old Town , Alexandria office can accomodate 5-6 for a group as well.

I completed  The Advanced Mind Body Skills Training Program at the Center for Mind Body Medicine , headed up by Dr. James Gordon and I would like to bring those techniques to you!

I enjoy helping both individuals and companies learn and apply these techniques. I look forward to facilitating you on a journey towards less stress and more relaxation.

Here is a sampling of just a few techniqus we can explore together. Contact me if you are wanting to apply practical techniques to the stress your body is experiencing. 
Watch this page for small group programs announcements.
  • Soft Belly Breathing
  • Body Scan
  • Meditation
  • Guided Imagery/Inner Wise Guide Imagery
  • Shaking
  • Drawings
  • Eating Meditation

Regular relaxation has impressive results decreasing levels of stress, increasing immune function, faster recovery from procedures, fewer side effects from medications, decreased anxiety, improved mood and less suppression of emotions.
Relaxation also helps you gain a perspective on every aspect of your life and to feel less overwhelmed by it. If you can relax during a difficutl time, it is my definition, no longer a powerful stressor for you.(excerpt from Comprehensive Cancer Care, Chaper 3, p.64) Dr. James Gordon.

What is Guided Imagery?

If you are struggling with pain, stress, anxiety, PTSD , health and immune health challenges and would like to learn how to use Guided Imagery as a tool for great relief.
After one or two sessions you will feel comfortable to practice this techinique at home on your own.

“Guidedimageryisaformofdeliberate,directed daydreaming — a purposeful use of the imagination, using words and phrases designed to evoke rich, multi-sensory fantasy and memory, in order to create a deeply immersive, receptive mind-state that is ideal for catalyzing desired changes in mind, body, psyche and spirit.”

Naparstek, Belleruth. (2004). Invisible Heroes: Survivors of Trauma and How They Heal. New York: Bantam Books

Imagery is the thought process that invokes and uses the senses.    -Achtenburg
Sound, sight, touch, smell, taste

  • Used in religious, secular, and diverse cultural settings to effect cure, alleviate suffering and facilitate spiritual transformation
  • 1950’s exploration of role of imagery in determining an individual’s health or illness; recognized as a therapeutic tool by AMA and APA. (Lee, 1999)
  • 1970’s radiation oncologist O. Carl Simonton and psychologist Stephanie Matthews Simonton taught cancer patients to use images of white blood cells destroying cancer cells to improve immune response
  • Today used in clinical settings to bring about physiological changes, provide psychological insight & to enhance emotional awareness
Principles of Guided Imagery
1. Our bodies do not discriminate between sensory images in the mind and what we call reality
2. In a relaxed state, we’re capable of more rapid & intense healing, growth, learning & performance
3. Internal locus of control & self mastery helps one feel better and do better
Naprasek, 1994

Breathing for Stres Reduction

A powerful and simple technique to reverse the effect of stress on the body.
Mind-body approaches have been reported in scientific studies to be effective in the treatment of a variety of stress-related disorders, says Herbert Benson, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and president of the Mind/Body Medical Institute in Boston. As an example, he points to research showing that chronic pain patients who learned mind-body self-care techniques in a 10-week outpatient program reduced clinic visits by 36 percent for more than two years after the classes.

Slow, deep breathing is central to most mind-body techniques, says Benson, who estimates that "up to half of doctor office visits could be eliminated with greater use of mind-body approaches." Stress causes or exacerbates a host of medical conditions that lead to 60 to 90 percent of visits to physicians, he says, adding that training Americans to use self-care techniques could cut U.S. health care costs by billions of dollars.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing and other mind-body techniques can significantly reduce symptoms of severe PMS as well as anxiety, depression and other forms of emotional distress, according to research by Alice Domar, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and director of the Mind/Body Center for Women's Health.

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