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Sugar Blues! Get Off The Sugar Roller Coaster

Virtual/Zoom Class

May 21, 2018

  • Sugar Blues: Get off the Sugar RollerCoaster

    “Sugar Blues” is the common experience of constantly craving sweets and suffering the highs and lows that result from eating sugar. This workshop will cover simple techniques to understand why sugar cravings arise and how to regain control without willpower or deprivation.


    Topics Covered

  • Where do sugar cravings come from?
  • Extreme foods vs. Balanced Foods
  • Pinball dieting
  • Health concerns resulting from sugar consumption
  • Finding the sweetness in life
  • Sugar and energy
  • Sweet and healthy snacks and desserts


Program Details:

  • Date/Time:y Monday 5/21/18 – 6:30-8:00PM
  • Location: Comfort of your home/ You will recieve a zoom link
  • Investment in self: $45
  • More information: For program related questions call Cheryl Mirabella at 703-599-8791 or cherylamirabella@gmail.com


How to sign up: To register, click here or visit www.inova.org/creg and search the ‘Health & Wellness Classes’ category.

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